Food Styling · Style

What is living life styled?


Whether you are putting together an outfit, decorating your home, or preparing a meal, we are all enticed visually and it is usually the details that we notice after taking in the first impression. I know I notice the accessories that compliment a great outfit, that perfect
design element that brings together a mantel vignette, or the perfect plating of a scrumptious meal. To me that is living life styled! 

I’m not an expert, but love beautiful things and I do my best to make each area of my life a little prettier with special details and styling. Life can be messy and hard at times, so even the smallest beautiful things can bring a smile to my face. Isn’t it the same for you?

I hope to bring you beautiful things that will bring a smile to your face or mind! I am constantly visually inspired and have hundreds of ideas swarming in this brain of mine. You can imagine what my Pinterest boards look like! I hope you will join me in this visual and beautiful adventure of Living Life Styled!




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