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The Pineapple


Besides being my favorite fruit ever, the Pineapple has made a huge resurgence in popular culture, especially with popular design styles like Palm Beach decor, however, the Pineapple has a rich history (and not just the one you think of in Hawaii).

In History

The pineapple originated in the Caribbean and is one of Christopher Columbus’ “discoveries” in 1493. He and his sailors were greeted with a feast from the natives that included the sweet and juicy fruit. He brought it back to Europe, and it was a hit with royals and the like, but they were unable to propagate the delicious fruit for nearly 200 years. This heightened the desire for the fruit in status and cost, so it became a “Treat of Kings.”

Volckamer Pineapple


The pineapple made it’s way into Colonial America from the Caribbean, but remained a difficult commodity to obtain. Often the pineapple shipments would go bad before voyages from the Caribbean docked in the New England areas. Like Europe, the pineapple grew in demand and quickly became an item only accessible to the wealthy and affluent. It became a grand centerpiece for entertaining with glorious feasts. If a hostess was able to obtain a pineapple for her centerpiece it did not only nod to her affluence, but to her resourcefulness. Pineapples were even known to be rented for tablescapes and sold later to the hosts that would actually serve the fruit to it’s guests for consumption!

Still Life from 1866



Over the years, the Pineapple has come to stand for a “welcome,” symbolizing warmth, friendship, and hospitality. This is likely why the grand fruit became a sculptural fixture in architectural details in grand homes and now in our homes. The Pineapple can be found in stone and wood finials, furniture details, china, door knockers (below), address placards (also below), and many other decorative items around the home.

Image from Instagramer abeautifulmess


My Neighbor’s address placard

In Architecture



Pineapple Fountain in Charleston, South Carolina


The Pineapple at Dunmore


Contemporary Designs

In more modern settings, the Pineapple can be found in contemporary designs like this fabulous wallpaper pictured below (Hygge and West). How cute would this be in a guest powder room?



Decorative pieces

Pineapple figurines can also be found in fun decorative ceramic and metallic finishes.ย These can be found at most major retailers these days, or hit up your local antique collectives if you want to find something with a bit more age.

Pineapple Figurine

Click on the images to shop.

I love everything the Pineapple symbolizes, so you can imagineย one of my favorite phrases is “Be a Pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown & be sweet!”


My own design

I hope you agree and add a touch of sweetness to your lives.


Historical Resources:

The Welcoming Pineapple

Social History of the Pineapple

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