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A Snowy Christmas

Photo: CarolinaBlues

I’ve been to the snow one real time, cross country skied once, and hardly have any clothes warm enough for real cold weather, but I have the usual case of you want what you can’t have. As much as I love living in California with the mild weather, sometimes I think it would be so nice to have a classic Christmas in the snow with all the traditional fixings (Vermont perhaps?). Hot chocolate, sleigh rides, bundling in blankets by the fire, singing carols, you know, all the stuff Hallmark movies are made of. Continue reading “A Snowy Christmas”

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Advent Calenders


I think most of us who celebrate Christmas, grew up with an advent calendar of some kind. The most popular have always been the ones you can pick up a the grocery store that have a piece of milk chocolate for each day leading up to Christmas Day. I had these later on as a young girl, but I also had one that was a little wooden dowel tree that had little presents that I got to open each day (Scandinavian in style as that is how my mom has decorated over the years).

This Thursday is December 1st, so it will be time to put up your advent calendar no matter if you buy a store bought one, or create one yourself. I’ve selected a few adorable advent calendars that you can create yourself if you are in a crafty mood! Continue reading “Advent Calenders”

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Friday Flair: Gilded Gifts


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I hope not too many of you are out fighting the crowd’s on this Black Friday. I will be out shopping, but my mom and I are going to a mall that definitely doesn’t get crazy, we are visiting Stanford Shopping Center in the Palo Alto area to window shop and “ooh and awe” over all of the high end goodies out there.

Since the holiday shopping season has officially begun, I wanted to share some gift ideas that I thought were really fun. I am still mad about gold, so I have focused on lovely gilded items. A lot of these items are quite reasonably priced, many items are also from Esty because I really like to patronize artisans and small businesses. Others are from major retailers we all love. I hope you find something for that special friend or family member in your life. Continue reading “Friday Flair: Gilded Gifts”

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Room Tour: Dreaming of a Pastel Christmas


Today, I want to give you a little tour of my bedroom all decked out in it’s Christmas glory. My room is decorated with subtle colors of soft blue, greige, and white with silver accents. These colors lend to the pastel theme, so my collection of vintage ornaments fit in perfectly here. In addition, I have a light green feather tree that I use from year to year (I’ve now had it for over 17 years). I also have a bit of a neoclassical and architectural theme, so I have focused my decor to compliment that. Many of the vintage ornaments also have architectural and art deco shapes, so it seems like a great combo to me. Continue reading “Room Tour: Dreaming of a Pastel Christmas”

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Friday Flair: Product Packaging


TGIF! Welcome to Friday Flair, today I am sharing just a few products that I think have irresistible packaging. The creativity that many marketers and graphic design teams have is amazing –it can be the reason you bought a product and didn’t even realize it.

Have you ever bought something because the packaging or design was just so beautiful or too cute that you couldn’t resist? I thought so, me too!

Enjoy the eye candy! Continue reading “Friday Flair: Product Packaging”

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My Corner Challenge: Writing Nook


Welcome to my Corner Challenge! Unlike design bloggers who are creating amazing One Room Challenges in their homes, I decided to focus on a small space to transform. I worked from home for many years, so I had a complete office space in my den, but it really never sparked my creativity and for some reason, I am always drawn to setting up my laptop and creative notebooks at my dining table. That certainly didn’t do much for sit down dining, so I decided to reclaim my dining table. Since I am always drawn to my living room, which has amazing mid morning to early afternoon light, I decided to set up a small writing nook in a corner that didn’t have much purpose except to mark an ultimate death to my fiddle fig tree.

I had an idea of what I wanted immediately as I recalled all of the cute work spaces I have pinned over the last few years (small Parsons desk, a gold shelf unit, and cute, on-trend accessories). I am by no means being original, but none-the-less, these styles make me happy and better yet, make me feel creative! Continue reading “My Corner Challenge: Writing Nook”