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I Spy: Elements of Style

I Spy: Elements of Style

Erin Gate’s of Elements of Style Blog has welcomed us into her beautiful, exciting, and somewhat hectic and crazy life with her humor, humility, heartfelt honesty, and insane talent! I honestly wish she was my personal friend, I think we could talk for hours upon hours about everything (I’m not a stalker, just a big fan)! I look forward to reading her new posts while I eat my lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I introduced her book and blog to my mom and it has become such a wonderful source of great conversation with my mom. My mom is an amazing talent in her own right when it comes to design, but our styles are extremely different. Erin relates on so many levels to my style (a little more glam) and also to my Mom’s style (more refined and upscale). Erin’s own mom obviously has impeccable taste as well and I see the evolution in  Erin’s own tastes as she progresses in her career. As we get older and wiser, we certainly start to really appreciate the things that our talented Mother’s use to decorate their homes with (even if we still don’t want to admit it). I definitely see my tastes changing to a slightly more refined look, a tad less whimsy and crazy eclectic and definitely more edited. Oh and have I mentioned, that both my mom and I have spent a pretty penny from her Fashion Friday features! A common question these days, is “what have you bought from Erin’s page lately?” Even funnier, my mom has even been known to leave me voice mail messages repeating a comment I have left on one of Erin’s posts! Ha! Let’s just say her blog has been nothing but a positive light in our lives despite having a few less dollars.

She just launched her new line and I would love to congratulate her (not that she will ever see this, but one can dream)! I have already pinned several of the smaller items on my Christmas wish list, so it looks like we’ll be spending some more money! Big smiles.

If you don’t already have this fantastic book, rush over here to see where you can buy it and purchase it pronto!


Erin’s book is probably one of the most recognizable coffee table/design books around due to it’s black and white striped spine. I love seeing this book in so many delightfully designed rooms around the blogosphere and on Instagram, so much so, that I have written this blog about it!

As you can see there are some similarities between these rooms, most likely inspired by Erin’s designs. Black & White and Leopard anyone?

Let’s Play I Spy: Elements of Style

In a stunning living room from The Hunted Interior in black and white with a colorful pop from the gorgeous rug.

Source: The Hunted Interior

Seen in Kristen Cadwallader’s stunning living room —  I am officially obsessed with this room! I have many of these decorative accents and I am in the process of revamping my living room after studying every detail of her room. This is from her Spring tour, the Fall tour is just as inspiring.

Fall home via Bliss at Home | Gorgeous gold lamps from Frontgate

Source: Bliss at Home

Blogger Cuckoo 4 Design adores a black and white color scheme with eclectic pops.

Spring Home Tours Cuckoo4Design

Source: Cuckoo 4 Design

Displayed in Julia Goodwin’s San Francisco Home in one of our favorite Ikea hacks. I adore this house and it gave me tons of inspiration when I first saw it.

Source: The Everygirl

Seen bedside in The Everygirl Cofounders’ home.

Source: The Everygirl

Displayed with our other favorite design bloggers and their books in Emily Henderson’s book “Styled,” highlighted on Erin’s blog.


Source: Elements of Style Blog

Where do you proudly display your copy of Elements of Style?



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