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A Stroll with Roses


I recently had the opportunity to join a group of fabulous ladies to tour one of 5 remaining commercial rose farms in the United States. We visited Pajarosa Floral located in Watsonville, California. They specialize in growing long-stem roses hydroponically. First, we toured the main greenhouse which was a balmy 70+ degrees and learned how they continuously trim these beauties for optimal growth.

A glorious sea of long-stem red roses


A majestic solo rose


Candy & Ice Cream Colors

Some of my favorite rose varieties are the coral and sherbet colors. This photo does not even do the color justice, they were literally neon to the eye. Beautiful here, nonetheless!


Who can resist a stunning candy-striped rose? This pink and white bud was just screaming for a solo shot!


Now this was a real stunner! A confectionery dream. The subtle pink and white with the touches of celadon green had me won over. I was mesmerized with this particular rose. I think I took close to a dozen photos of this one.



And…how cute is this little mini delivery truck? I would have loved to have driven it around town giving out flowers to onlookers!



Pastel Beauties

I thought this amazing grouping of roses was ready to be shipped off for a wedding that afternoon. What a wonderful combination these hues would be for for a Spring wedding or even a Fall California wedding in this case.


I was so taken with this bundle of roses that I had to have a photo taken with it. Little did I know, these flowers were slotted for the compost pile! GASP! I literally ran back later to try to get some of the chartreuse roses, but I was too late. At least I have this photo to remember them by.


The Prep Room

Even the clippings were beautiful. All of the beautiful bouquets were prepped in here and set in the cooler until they were set to make their final destination.beautifulclippings

There were so many beautiful colors; it was hard to choose a favorite. I do adore the corals and oranges; they are so vibrant, but for my decor right now, I was going for the softer hues.

A little rose art created by one of the tour guests, I had to take a shot!


We even had the opportunity to select and take home 3 dozen bouquets, here I am with my selection in the cooler. I was actually lucky enough to score an additional bunch of gorgeous blush colored long-stem roses!


What a wonderful tour. We ended our tour with an amazing luncheon back at our hostess’s home. I could hardly wait to get home to see how I could style and display all of my amazing roses. Turns out, I needed to do some vase shopping!


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