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Pet Relief

After this stressful and nail biting election, I figured we needed something lighthearted for both of us before jumping into holiday posts (another stressful time for many). I thought I’d share some of my favorite rooms that include our beloved family pets! This post was inspired by one of my favorite new Instagram accounts (@petanddecor) A little relief from all the crazy where we can just say”Awwweee” and “What a beautiful room!”


Violet The French Bulldog


Source: @lifeofvi

Kristin Cadwallader’s Adorable Maltese

Design blogger and designer Kristin Cadwallader's fall living room tour via Bliss at Home

Source: Bliss at Home

Lady Como & The Leo


Source: @comoandthecity

Enoch and Engelbert


Source: @wolfgang2242

A Stunning Aussie


Source: @mydomaine

A Contemporary Kitty


Source: @gummergal

A Black and White Pair


Source: @via.johanna

Mr. Velvet (aka Buddy)


This is my regal cat lounging on my reading chair with his matching black blanket because anyone who has a black pet, knows that means a lot of speckled light furniture (heck, even this black blanket needs defuzzing right now). My little black poodle, Sampson, was far too busy to make an appearance today, but hopefully he will soon.

Living stylishly with animals takes work, it can be messy, but it certainly out ways a life without them!



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