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Entertaining: Cheese Boards

Cheese Boards

With entertaining upon us for the holidays, who doesn’t need a refresher on how to put together the perfect Cheese Board. Whether you go full charcuterie, vegetarian or vegan, I have collected some great inspiration that will surely be a go to guide for this entertaining season.

Selecting Your Cheeses

Bon Appetit offers a great video on how to select a variety of cheeses. It’s recommended that you offer a mix of different types of cheese including mixing up the types of milk (cow, goat, sheep) and different textures (soft, hard, brie-style, mild, and strong).


Source: Bon Appetit

A Smorgasbord of Delights

This spread has absolutely every component you could possibly imagine for a cheese board — cheese and meats, bread, fruit, crudites, nuts, olives, dips, you name it. Domino offers 16 great ideas to spruce up your cheese and veggie platters.

Source: Domino

A Guide

The Everygirl offers up a step-by-step guide for how to put together the Ultimate Cheese Board, including tips on getting to know your local Cheesemonger and creating a theme for your flight of cheeses. Can I have a fig with a dollop of goat cheese now, please?

How to Build the Ultimate Cheese Board #theeverygirl

Source: The Everygirl

Charcuterie Boards

This board definitely focuses on meats and complimentary cheeses and garnishes. Cured meats like prosciutto, salami, and pepperoni are great options to start with.

Source: Pinterest

Crudites Anyone?

For a vegetarian option, go to town with a beautiful rainbow selection of fruits and vegetables to create an epic meatless cheese board. Don’t forget to add some savory components like spiced nuts.

Crudites and Cheese Platters 3

Source: Heather Christo

Go Vegan

A great way to go vegan is to offer a variety of hummus and non-dairy dips and, of course, loads of fruits and veggies, crisp crackers and egg-less breads (sourdough to name one, yum). Nuts and olives are great here too (oh, and don’t forget a little dark chocolate).

How To Make An Epic Vegan Platter / The Healthy Hour

Source: The Healthy Hour

You can definitely splurge and break the bank to create a spectacular cheese board. If it’s in your budget, go all out, visit a specialty shop or Whole Foods. If you need to go the budget route, you can’t go wrong with Trader Joe’s!


To create an amazing display, you can choose a variety of vehicles — wood, marble, slate, or your favorite platters or china. You can choose a style that best suits your design style and home decor — Modern, elegant, or farm-to-table. World Market, Pier One, and Crate and Barrel are great resources for a vast selection of items. Many discount retailers like Marshall’s, Ross, and Home Goods also offer a good selection of items for entertaining.

Cheese Knives

Modern Marble


Elegant Gold

Gold Cheese Knives

Rustic Farm-to-Table

Taz Cheese Knife 3-Piece Set

Boards & Platters

Smooth Modern

2-Tone Marble Boards

Eclectic Elegant


Classic Farm-to-Table

J.K. Adams Heritage Serving Board

Cheese Markers

Modern Simplicity


Elegant Arrows

Arrow Cheese Markers - Set of 6

Branded Farm-to-Table

If you want to get crafty, you could even make your own chalkboard markers. Chalkboard spray paint is easy to find these days at your local hardware store.

I hope you found some inspiration and are ready to start entertaining this holiday season. I can’t wait to share more holiday ideas. I am getting giddy just thinking about crafting, decorating, baking, and hopefully entertaining…in Style!


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