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My Corner Challenge: Writing Nook


Welcome to my Corner Challenge! Unlike design bloggers who are creating amazing One Room Challenges in their homes, I decided to focus on a small space to transform. I worked from home for many years, so I had a complete office space in my den, but it really never sparked my creativity and for some reason, I am always drawn to setting up my laptop and creative notebooks at my dining table. That certainly didn’t do much for sit down dining, so I decided to reclaim my dining table. Since I am always drawn to my living room, which has amazing mid morning to early afternoon light, I decided to set up a small writing nook in a corner that didn’t have much purpose except to mark an ultimate death to my fiddle fig tree.

I had an idea of what I wanted immediately as I recalled all of the cute work spaces I have pinned over the last few years (small Parsons desk, a gold shelf unit, and cute, on-trend accessories). I am by no means being original, but none-the-less, these styles make me happy and better yet, make me feel creative!

Inspiring Spaces

gold and glass bookshelves with pink satin curtains

Source: MLovesM

6 Ways to Get Over Your Creative Slump #theeverygirl

Source: The Everygirl

Office Tour

Source: Chronicles of Frivolity

Source: The Everygirl

Spring Home Tour Bliss at Home

Source: Bliss at Home

What each of these rooms has in common, besides the similar desk, is that each are placed in a room that has many other functions. That is exactly what I wanted to create in my living room.

Taking all of these designsย in, items I already had, and the small budget I had to work with, here is the inspiration board I created to work off of to create my writing nook.



I cleared what little was in my corner and piled all of theย goodies that I thought might come in handy for this transformation on my chair (don’t you love a Chinese Chippendale chair?) and took a snapshot.


A small desk was one of the few items I did not already have to re-purpose. I opted to order a small Parson’s desk online, after searching a bit, I actually found the one shown below for under $50.00 at Home Depot. I think the reason it was so inexpensive was because the desk had a grey and white pattern on top versus a solid white surface (likely made for a dorm room). At the time, the same desk by the same maker with an all white top was almost twice the price! I knew I was planning to cover the top of the desk with high grade marble contact paper, so the less expensive desk was an obvious choice. Here is a similar desk at a great price with a white top from Walmart.


I started by clearing everything out and repainting this corner. It’s always good to start with a fresh base, that way everything feels new once it’s in place. I also made a trip to Ikea to purchase the shelf unit which is arguably the best hack going these days, the Vittsjo. After putting together and spray painting the shelf unit, my chair, and covering the desk top and shelves with marble contact paper, my space was ready to style.


As you can see, this corner can be extremely bright, so capturing it in perfect light is a little tough, but I think you can seeย what a nice spot it can be.


I created a very simple desktop display of accessories since this desk is primarily for working on the laptop or writing traditional note cards.


I knew immediately that the chalk letters I bought last weekend at Goat Hill had to be displayed here.


Here’s a closer look.


And lots of gold accoutrements!




The Vittsjo shelf unit really is one of the greatest Ikea hacks! Besides being beautiful (once painted gold), it was the perfect size to fit in this corner and to display some of my favorite accessories and books.


This was the perfect place to proudly display my zebra figurines; I love them so much! They are vintage Japanese in ceramic and were a gift many years ago. I don’t run across many that are as similar, but the market definitely has it’s fair share of zebra items.


Pretty adorable, right?


And for some of my favorite books.


I can definitely say that I love this little creative nook. It’s a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and Pinterest in the morning and an afternoon tea working on a blog post. It feels good to be able to create such a transformation on a limited budget and in record time. Now it’s time to get back to other more time-consuming projects!

Until next time, keep Living Life Styled!







4 thoughts on “My Corner Challenge: Writing Nook

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I’m really pleased with it too! I think the chair turned out so great because it has never been touched with paint! A rarity for sure! You always have stuff I love, so see you next time I pop into Center Street! ๐Ÿ™‚


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