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Friday Flair: Product Packaging


TGIF! Welcome to Friday Flair, today I am sharing just a few products that I think have irresistible packaging. The creativity that many marketers and graphic design teams have is amazing –it can be the reason you bought a product and didn’t even realize it.

Have you ever bought something because the packaging or design was just so beautiful or too cute that you couldn’t resist? I thought so, me too!

Enjoy the eye candy!

Coffee & Tea

Coffees and teas have always come in unique and beautiful packaging, especially teas. Tea blend packaging has an especially rich history; for hundreds of years they have come in intricately designed tins.

Coffee Bird

cs-coffeebirdpackaging-1Source: Creative Order

Fortnum & Mason Tea

Source: The Die Line


Who can resist chocolate? Who can resist chocolate in beautiful packaging? No one! I’m loving the Chinoiserie and Glam themes of these examples.

Marou Chocolates

Marou Chocolate - Package Design by Rice CreativeSource: We and the Color

Sur Real Chocolate


Alcohol (Potent Potables)

With the sea of alcohol bottles on the shelves at your liquor retailer, they have to stand out and speak to the consumer these days.

Bonnie & Clyde Gin

Source: Behance

Pantone Themed Beer

Pantone beerSource: Creative Bloq


Cosmetics and beauty products have always been beautiful, I think mostly because we like to display these items in our bathrooms and on our vanities.

Tokyo Milk

TokyomilkSource: Go Media

Cartee Cosmetics

carteebeautySource: Five Star Logo


Pasta is definitely getting in on the eye-catching packaging as you can see by the examples I selected below. Could you really resist buying this pasta that comes in different themed hairstyles?

Hair Inspired Pasta

Source: My Modern Met

NYC Spaghetti

creative packaging designs 18Source: Double Mesh

Baked Goods

Beautifully designed packaging for treats just scream to be purchased as hostess gifts for the host of your next party.

Paris Baguette


United Bakeries

Source: jayce-o

Crafting & Kitchen Gadgets

Sometimes packaging and presentation is just too adorable not to buy or at least take a second look.

Sheep Yarn Bobbins

Source: Packaging of the World

Sushi Towels

QuipImaageSource: Under Consideration


Packaging has always been an important part of products, even some of our childhood favorites had elaborate detailing in their original designs.

Crayola Crayons

Crayon Tin Vintage Packaging Design InspirationSource: Design Your Way

Strawberry Jell-o

Source: Buzzfeed

Have a great weekend! When you are out running your errands or shopping, take a closer look at the products that catch your eye, they might just inspire you to keep Living Life Styled!





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