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Room Tour: Dreaming of a Pastel Christmas


Today, I want to give you a little tour of my bedroom all decked out in it’s Christmas glory. My room is decorated with subtle colors of soft blue, greige, and white with silver accents. These colors lend to the pastel theme, so my collection of vintage ornaments fit in perfectly here. In addition, I have a light green feather tree that I use from year to year (I’ve now had it for over 17 years). I also have a bit of a neoclassical and architectural theme, so I have focused my decor to compliment that. Many of the vintage ornaments also have architectural and art deco shapes, so it seems like a great combo to me.

The Feather Tree

As I mentioned, I have had the feather tree for over 17 years, I purchased it back when Martha Stewart had her mail order catalog, anyone remember that? It was almost $300 that long ago, but undoubtedly one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have literally used it every single year since. I have mixed it up from year to year depending upon my living situation, it has been decorated with a vintage vibe for the kitchen with mini red apples, with mini disco balls when I lived in a small studio in San Francisco, and even for Easter decorated with little pastel eggs. Nowadays, it is decorated each year with my collection of vintage pastel ornaments and has become the tree I put up in my bedroom each year.  I generally try to find at least one new ornament each year, but it’s small, so it can only fit so many adornments.

Here is an image of the feather tree from Martha Stewart’s 1998 book, I attempted to find a few more pictures of it online, but I couldn’t find many. By the way, if you have any of Martha’s early Christmas decorating books, pull them out, take a look, there are some timeless holiday decorating ideas that just might need resurrecting in your theme.


I put my tree up on top of my dresser for a grander feel in the room. This year I spent a few hours zip tying the lights to the tree for full effect. I had a more petite light set that I wanted to use, but I only had one small strand and couldn’t find a good matching set in town or online.  This is where I compromised and just used what I had. This year’s overall theme really is re-using and recycling the items I already have in new ways.


Next I added some classic silver tinsel garland for a vintage and architectural feel. I found this garland at Dollar Tree of all places!


I like to keep the ornament spacing somewhat sparce on this tree due to it’s configuration, but also due to the fact that each ornament is special and deserves to be highlighted on it’s own branch.


As you can see from the close ups, many of the ornaments have architectural and art deco lines.


Most of my collection is in the blue-greens, pinks, and silver.



Around the Room

The feather tree is the highlight of my bedroom decor, but I have added holiday touches through out the room.

This architectural print is one of my favorite framed art pieces, it was a hand me down from my mom many years ago, but at this point I’ve had it as long as I can remember. I chose to display some large candlesticks and sculptural spires, both in mercury glass to continue the theme. I added the jeweled blue ornament and Tiffany boxes for a pop of color.


I love all of the different lines this vignette creates.


I couldn’t forget a little tinsel here either.


My bedroom is small and very calming, and it’s really a wonderful room to spend any time in, but adding sparkling objects and twinkling lights is my favorite time of the year. It has been a pretty gloomy rainy weekend, so it was perfect timing to light it up.


As much as I love my bedroom, it also makes me create a checklist of things I want to change or do. Before anyone calls me out on my curtains, I know they should be hung higher, but let’s just add that to the New Year’s Resolution list.


The Details

Moving to the details, hanging in the corner, I have a small Rococo style sconce shelf displaying a small female bisque bust. I dressed her with a sparkly silver boxwood napkin ring for a neoclassical affect along with a silver leaf decorative ball.


Below that, is the nightstand that is on the opposite side of where I sleep, so it’s pretty simple. A small alabaster lamp, a beautiful framed floral photo, and some photos of my grandparents.


And this is my primary nightstand. I have a much larger alabaster lamp that is bright enough for reading in bed, a few books, two small boxes for nighttime storage, a framed photo, a candle, and I try to keep fresh flowers by my bedside as much as possible.


You can’t really go wrong with pink roses!


I added a simple tinsel garland above my vanity just to add a simple sparkle then adorned each corner with a couple of silver and pink ball ornaments. By the way, I really do sit here each morning and apply my makeup.


I had one last small shelf unit to add some holiday cheer to in my bedroom. I added some more mercury glass candlesticks, an apothecary jar filled with sparkly orbs, a mini glitter village, and a snow globe.


These glitter buildings are always so charming and I love bottle brush trees.


I hope you enjoyed this tour of my bedroom Christmas decor. This is the first room I always decorate since most of the items are stored here in my house (due to the vintage nature of many of the items).

After Thanksgiving, I will get started installing the rest of my decor through out the remainder of the house, so I will be sure to post several more tours before Christmas.

I hope you are enjoying planning your decor, the holidays are a perfect time to sharpen up your Living Life Styled skills! Until next time…





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