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Advent Calenders


I think most of us who celebrate Christmas, grew up with an advent calendar of some kind. The most popular have always been the ones you can pick up a the grocery store that have a piece of milk chocolate for each day leading up to Christmas Day. I had these later on as a young girl, but I also had one that was a little wooden dowel tree that had little presents that I got to open each day (Scandinavian in style as that is how my mom has decorated over the years).

This Thursday is December 1st, so it will be time to put up your advent calendar no matter if you buy a store bought one, or create one yourself. I’ve selected a few adorable advent calendars that you can create yourself if you are in a crafty mood!

Scandinavian Style Tree Presents

These little presents are displayed in a tree pattern, but you could definitely rearrange them however you like. Display them on a wall, on a table top, or in a basket. The kids will just need to look for the right date and choose accordingly!

Source: Bloglovin

Toilet Paper Roll Presents

This advent calendar shows how you can repurpose everyday things like empty toilet paper rolls into delightful holiday gifts.


Source: Frugal Coupon Living

Glitter Advent Bags

This DIY advent calendar would be great for a black white and gold theme with a woodland flair. You will just need a few items to create these bags yourself, for directions see the source link below.


Source: The Hunter Interior

Stocking Ladder

This stocking ladder advent calendar is no longer available at Pottery Barn, but you could easily make something like this yourself. Hemp or another linen like fabric (even burlap) would work great for the stockings and you could use fabric paint or ink toΒ make the numbers. A ladder like this is something I would imagine many people have on hand if you decorate in this style. You could also use clear Command hooks to create a display on the wall.

Stocking Ladder Advent Calendar

Source: Pottery Barn

Whimsical Mobile Style

This style is so sweet especially with the eucalyptus branches attached. It’s hard to believe, but the presents here are also made out of toilet paper rolls. Directions are in the link below (you may need to translate the website).


Source: LilaLiv

Chalkboard & Brown Paper Goodie Bags

This style would be great in a farmhouse style kitchen or dining room. The kids can come and grab their bag each morning! So easy to make too once you get your chalkboard set up with a holiday greeting and the dates.


Source: Frugal Coupon Living

Wall Mounted Tree

This adorable tree is easy to construct and don’t you just love the batting accent to the tree for a snowy affect? Directions are on the link below.


Source: The DIY Dreamer

Hanging Muffin Tin

Using a muffin tin to enclose each day’s gift is whimsical and fun especially if you have very traditional decor. If you are a scrapbooker, I am sure you have many of the supplies on hand.

Muffin Tin

Source: Heartland Paper

Bulletin Board Presents

This display of small presents lend itself to great decor once each box is opened. This would look great if you decorate in a more modern industrial style.

Source: Honey’s Life

Stuffer Ideas

Traditionally advent calendars are filled with chocolates, candies, or small toys. If you want to do something other than that, there are some great ideas for alternatives.

Source: The Organised Housewife

I hope you got some great ideas for counting down the days to the Christmas holiday!

Projects like this remind me that you can definitely keep Living Life Styled no matter what you are doing! Until next time…





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