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Friday Flair: Cookie Art


I am a baker, I make cookies every year, but I am not good at decorating them and I am most certainly not a cookie artist! I have visions of perfectly flooded royal icing in seasonal colors on wonderfully shaped cookies with scrolling details and shimmering glitter accents, but you see, that is all in my head. I decided many years ago to stop trying to decorate cookies and just make really good non-cookie cutter cookies! But, that does not mean I can’t look.

I have gathered together some amazing inspiration in true Cookie Art. The detailing and workmanship in these cookies is spectacular. I could never eat any of these, I really would rather preserve them and make them ornaments frankly!

Embroidered Beauties

I’m kind of obsessed with these amazing needle point style cookies. The Hungarian artist Mézesmanna is a real talent. I really love the cookies with the black background and intricate lacework. I can’t even imagine being able to create such detail. You can visit their Facebook profile here to learn more about this artist and see more of the intricate works.

La chef hongroise Judit Czinkné Poór alias Mezesmanna nous dévoile aujourd'hui ses talents en création culinaire. Un vrai mélange de pâtisserie, illustration et borderie pour faire de magnifiques cookies bien colorés. Une vraie recette d'art culinaire ! Ces cookies sont tellement magnifiques qu'on hésiterait de les croquer ! Admirez les magnifiques créations culinaires de Mezesmanna:

Classic Christmas Motifs

It wouldn’t be Christmas without nutcracker, gingerbread house, and ornament cookies.


Source: Cookie Connection (Teri Pringle Wood)

Spicy Sweet

Source: Cookie Connection (Teri Pringle Wood)

White Christmas ornaments | easily achieved with white royal icing, white fondant & ( molded) imprssions to give texture to cookies..You can also use #edible" paint, like imperial gold to maximize some details. Ilearned all this in " Cookie Class" 11/14, taught by a Food Network competitor..Leaned SO Much!! <3 Donna <3:

Source: Cookie Connection (RH Bake)

Stunning Hearts

Hearts are a classic shape that work for every holiday, but these lacy and embroidered styles really pull you into the Christmas season.

springerle cookies

Source: Art and the Kitchen

Christmas hearts

Source: Cookie Connection (J.Vanner)

cyndylou3: “ fab food fotos on - ”

Source: Petit Cabinet de Curiosities

Snowy Winter Scenes

The detail in these cookie scenes are so intricate and detailed it just pulls you into these villages.


Source: Cookie Connection (Teri Pringle Wood)

Snow Globes

Source: Cookie Connection (Teri Pringle Wood)


Source: Perniky Artmama

Cameo Cookies

I love Cameo’s and to see this type of detail in cookies is mesmerizing to me. They are as beautiful as any jewelry pieces I have seen.

Cameo cookies

Source: Cookie Connection

In addition to the Cameo’s, these Faberge style egg cookies are absolutely gorgeous.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Source: Sweet Ambs


Snowflakes are always beautiful and here is more amazing detail work by Teri Pringle Wood.

Snowflakes in blue

Source: Cakes Decor

White as snow

Source: Cakes Decor

Christmas Sweaters

I couldn’t highlight holiday cookies without some Ugly Christmas Sweater cookies! These aren’t so ugly at all, but extremely well decorated and just plain fun!

Natalie Brown Puikkonen: pretty sweaters with the ugly sweater cookie cutter.:

Source: Sweet Shop Natalie

I decided to try some "ugly Christmas sweater" cookies this year.

Source: Imgur

Follow the example of that peeping snowman, devilish Grinch, and Santa stuck in the chimney. Make your ugly sweater cookies utterly grin-inducing.:

Source: PopSugar

I hope you are as inspired as I am by all of these amazing cookies. Will you be attempting to decorate your cookies this year? Who knows, maybe I will try some again, I know I will be baking soon regardless.

Next week, I will be sharing my living room holiday decor with you. It will be a busy weekend finishing up final details and continuing my journey to keep Living Life Styled. Until next time, have a great weekend!



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