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Room Tour: The Details of My Black, White, and Gold Christmas Living Room


Last week I shared my Christmas tree and mantel decorated with a black, white, and gold theme. Today, I want to share the rest of my living room with you so that you get the whole picture.

Living Room Tour

As I’ve mentioned previously, I live in a small modest home on the Northern California coast. My taste is pretty fancy for a little beach house, but I like to think I have made it work. I love it and it’s especially cozy and comfortable at this time of year with all of this holiday cheer.


My sofa is nothing fancy, but it’s super comfortable and really well made, so I have a simple white twill slipcover that I have layered with blankets to make it even cozier (my black cat is a really big fan). Until I can afford my dream Chesterfield sofa, this one will have to do.


On my coffee table I have created a small winter wonderland vignette on a cake pedestal covered in a cloche and in a medium sized apothecary jar. For a little holiday goodie I have added beautiful meringue cookies in an alabaster compote flanked by two white balsam candles (they make the room smell wonderful in the evenings).


Behind the sofa I have a table to display a few photos, a bust and a reading lamp (and also so that the sofa is not placed right up to the wall of windows). I’ve hung a preserved boxwood wreath with a black and white grosgrain ribbon to tie in my display on the fireplace mantel.


My pillows were inspired by so many of the wonderful designers out there, but I made 3 of them myself. I made the large black and white ones using some leftover fabric from curtains I used to have up on these windows. I meticulously sewed on the black grosgrain ribbon and added a zipper so that I had designer quality pillows. I found a very similar leopard print to the ones in so many designer rooms at a home fabric store and made that one as well. The simple white ones are from Ikea and cost less than $5.00 for the covers.


I recently added the writing desk and gold shelf unit in the corner to create an additional space for me to work in the living room.You can see the transformation process in a previous post here. To add a bit of holiday decor to the area, I swapped out my pineapple vases for some creamy gold bottle brush trees accented with black wire ribbon. I also added a gold grapevine wreath to the back of my Chippendale chair.


My entertainment center is a built-in that I modified to fit a television, electronic equipment, a bar area, and storage. This has also played the roll of my mantel until I added one to my fireplace last year. My display of vintage matte white pottery permanently lives here, but at the holidays, I add some glitter and lights.



I also have this vintage Asian inspired birdcage that I painted gold many years ago. This year I cut out a portion of the bottom so I could create little vignettes in it. I’m still honing my skills for this one, but I am sure I will get it soon enough.


You can see that there is a lot going on now that I have a formal mantelpiece on my fireplace, but it is the true focal wall of my living room. There are lots of details to take in and keeps your eye wandering.


On the mirrored art deco side table (one of my first good vintage items), I have a glass compote that has a mix of shells and gold ornaments along with this large white replica Kugel ornament.


Here is a full view of the fireplace and my reading corner. If you look really close you will see my black cat, Mr.Velvet, sleeping the afternoon away.


Another close up of my mantel. I added some greenery since I took photos last week for my previous blog post.


If you haven’t visited before, my tree is displayed on the wall across from my sitting area on a dresser. Here are a couple of photos, but you can also visit my previous post for more details here.



Holiday Tablescape

My living room also functions as an eat in dining room for up to three. I have an Ikea Saarinen style table, an Ikea upholstered arm chair and two Ghost arm chairs.

I have created a Christmas tablescape for two. I continued my theme of neoclassical details and black, white, and gold. I’ve used a mix of new and vintage items that I have acquired over the years.


The chargers, glass plates, water glasses, napkin rings and ornaments are newer items found in retail. The large Greek key ornaments were purchased from Walmartย this year (available in a variety of colors).


The cut glass vase was a thrift store find while the candlesticks, black glass goblets, salad plates, monogrammed trivet, condiment vessels, and gold silverware were all purchased at local antique collectives.


It just takes a little time and an eye to spot items that will add style to your store bought accessories. The thrill of the hunt is definitely a fun thing for me.



I loved this monogrammed trivet so much, I didn’t really care that it’s not my initials. In brass and for $5.00, who am I to be picky?


The large round gold trimmed platter is a true piece of art. It is made by a local glass artist that sells world-wide, Annieglass. This piece was a “second” at the store warehouse which means it was not up to par for their store or any distribution. Honestly, I can’t even tell what might be wrong with the platter, it’s absolutely stunning.


An overview of the table setting shows you the napkins in more detail. These were just simple white napkins I purchased at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (again, they were tucked away gathering dust). I added a gold key patterned trim found at my local craft store to the edges to give them a pop of glamour.


To round out the details, the runner’s were made out of black velveteen I had on hand (the same fabric I used for the stockings). I added a Greek key trim to the edges here too using iron on adhesive and then I sewed the edges for a finished look.


Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting it all together. I will be sharing some more holiday decor on Wednesday, which will show my more whimsical side to holiday decorating.

Until next time, Living Life Styled is all in the details!






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