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My Whimsical Christmas Kitchen


Everyone needs a little whimsy and what better time than the holidays and in the kitchen! I have an absolutely tiny vintage galley kitchen, so there isn’t a lot of room to do much, but I always display my Snowman collection. I’ve been collecting vintage ones for many years; many are ceramic, wax, or candles. Some are in great condition, some not so much, but I think they all have a ton of charm. I rarely buy any new ones unless they are reproductions of vintage styles. This year, I bought a vintage three-tiered tin tray to display them in. It’s a little rustic and shabby, but all kitchen.


I added some waxy snow to the bottom of each tray and added several bottle brush trees. This stand would also be super fun to use for a food display, but I think it works great for my collection. Here are a couple of new options if you like the idea, a metal one from World Market and a white washed and natural wood one from Save on Crafts. If you want to do a DIY project, here are a couple of links for directions on creating your own stands. For a metal one using baking supplies, visit At The Picket Fence and for a white washed wood look check out Liz Marie Blog.


On the shelf above the sink, I have displayed a few cute items including my advent calendar, some fun chalkboard ornaments I made and other festive decorations.




My kitchen certainly isn’t a show piece and definitely needs a lot of work, but sometimes you have to make do with what you have. For example, the tiles are from what I call an in between period, there is no simple white subway tile nor is there a cute colorful pairing of vintage tiles. I have a beige and terracotta color tile combo from the late 1950’s and I have the same in my bathroom. I have painted over the cabinets many times over the years, but most recently decided on a dark slate gray. With the popularity of copper and white ceramics and the combo of the tile color it at least makes it charming. With a few traditional Christmas touches you might even call it cute!


The white baking goods really pop off of the gray cabinets and the holiday touches of red add more life to the room. And how cute are Santa’s booties?  These can still be found on sites like Ebay and Etsy or keep your eye out at your local antique collective.


I created a display in my casserole dishes using some greenery and black, silver, and red ornaments. I used a variety of ribbon and twine on each ornament to create different textures. You can also see one of my chalkboard ornaments peaking out.


On the other side of the kitchen (all of 3 feet away), I am lucky enough to have a beautiful vintage Okeefe and Merritt stove similar to this one here. It works wonderfully and adds so much character to the space. I would show more of the kitchen, but it is a serious work in progress with many mini projects underway (the floors specifically). I did recently paint out the ceilings (which I would love to do through out the house), so that really freshened up this small space. The common thread in all of my rooms is this sea blue, so even if the kitchen seems drastically different in theme from the living room, there are many smaller details that tie them together (black and white being the most obvious). Don’t ask about this yellow accent wall, a very long story, but basically I can’t get to it without a lot of help, so I have just made it work (in the words of Tim Gunn).


On top of the stove shelf I have a small tree that I have had for years and I decorate it each year with this classic bulb set that I purchased from Kmart when Martha Stewart had her line of items there. What I love about this set is that it always fits in well with the kitchen since it ties in silver, copper, the pale blues and greens of my decor, and give me the pop of red!


I’ve also included some vintage reindeer to watch over me while I cook this holiday season. I have a small fleet of these guys including the red one shown earlier on the shelf on the opposite side of the kitchen above the sink. I found these on Ebay, but again, they are something you can probably still find it you like them. I did touch up their antlers with the silver glitter and glue last year.


Thanks for taking a short whimsical ride with me. I feel like there are so many ideas and projects brewing in my head and so little time as the holidays are upon us. I will be in a shopping and baking frenzy this weekend, but perhaps some interesting and humorous stories and photos will come out of it.

Until next time…find your how in Living Life Styled!



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