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Friday Flair: Modern Malachite


I follow a lot of trends, but I also go with what my heart and soul are drawn to. It doesn’t matter that it might have gotten popular a few years ago or that it might not make a real comeback for a few more years. If you have seen my Living Room Christmas decor you will quickly realize I am having a renewed love affair with all things neoclassical. I was really into it early on in my 20’s and was always a huge fan of Ballard Designs who carried a lot of these types of items back in the 1990s. Well on that note, I think Malachite fits right in with my Black, White, and Gold ornate motifs!

What comes to mind immediately is of course stone eggs, but more vividly I see Eddie Ross’ Malachite Obelisks embodying everything I am vibing on right now! I know these might be a little over the top, so today for Friday Flair, I’ll try to rein things in and offer you some more streamlined items that are great for a modern Christmas holiday.

| BHG Style Spotters:

Source: BHG

Tree Adornment

How great would a white tree look adorned with malachite ornaments, gold and red accents?

Olivia Riegel Blown Glass Ornaments

Shop Design Objects - AHAlife: Source: Aha Life

Or for a traditional twist a flocked tree with gold and red ornaments adorned with malachite ribbon?

Malachite Grosgrain Ribbon

malachiteribbonSource: Zazzle

Wrap it Up

Erin Gates used leftover wallpaper as wrapping when she sort of set off this trend, but the wrapping paper option Erin also recommended a few years ago is still available at Spoonflower, but in my hunt I found a few other resources. I especially like the one from PaperMojo  as it has a natural feel while this one from Zazzle is a bit more polished and almost futuristic.

Holiday entertaining via Elements of Style with Kate Spade New York.: Source: Elements of Style Blog

You don’t necessarily need wrapping paper when you get a beautiful box as a gift, just add a bow to these beautiful boxes.


Color Esmeralda - Emerald Green!!!  Malachite Boxes: Source: Pinterest

Add a bit of organic opulence and cool, on-trend style to the desk, console, or nightstand with this malachite box, polished to perfection. Malachite is a beautiful green stone that is most recognizedSource: Mapleton Drive

Treat Service

You need something to put those Christmas Goodies on (in fine china)…

Malachite gold-trimmed porcelain dessert plates by L’Objet, $250 for a set of four:

Source: Architectural Digest

Or on more affordable melamine…


Source: Zazzle

Stocking Stuffers

Gorgeous Malachite Pendants

You can find a lot of beautiful one of a kind and custom jewelry on Etsy. That’s the beauty and draw back of Etsy; often items are not available in large quantities. But keep in mind, often you can contact the artist or dealer to see if they can create something just for you.

Malachite Necklace Malachite Jewelry Gemstone by RobinWoodard:

Source: Etsy by RobinWoodard

Switch Plates

Add some serious flair to your light switches with the gold trimmed Malachite plate covers.

Malachite Switch Plates

Source: Neotrad

Desk Accessories

With one, two, or all of these chic desk accessories, your workspace will be the envy of all of your friends and associates.

L’OBJET MALACHITE DESKTOP ACCESSORIES ($460).  "I enjoy working with malachite (it is my favorite stone) and would love to see this set on a loved one's desk."--Eddie Borgo:

Source: Pinterest

Malachite Collection - Library at L'Objet:

Source: My L’Object

Smart Phone Cover

As I’ve mentioned before, I always have to include a phone cover. It’s just one more way to jazz up your accessories. It you are like me, you switch things up on a regular basis.

malachite iPhone & iPod Case:

Source: Society6

Don’t forget the Thank You’s

After all the presents are opened and the goodies are gone, you’ll need to thank your friends and family. Why not go a little old school with beautiful stationary?

Malachite - Green - Paperless Post:

Source: Paperless Post

Find a special pen to express yourself

Malachite pens come in a wide array of prices and styles. There’s only one of these for sale on Etsy (see link below), but there are many other similar styles out there, but nothing mass produced as far as I can see.

Ballpoint click pen Wall Street II style TruStone by KRKPens:

Source: Etsy

Malachite Infusion

As a fun way to wrap up this post, here are 3 rooms that beautifully integrate malachite into them! Oh, and a DIY option for you.


Source: Domino

Mineral Photography  Print  055  Malachite  by ShineHausCollective:

Source: Etsy

{One Room Challenge} The Master Bedroom Reveal:

Source: Bloglovin


If you are a DIYer and you want this look, you can try it at home yourself. I remember doing a lot of faux marbling back in the day, so this could be fun to try!

The Aestate: {DIY} Faux Malachite Boxes Tutorial #olioLoVE #ColorOfTheYear #Spring #Pinspiration:

Source: Indulgy

You really don’t have to follow trends especially if something makes your heart flutter, go with your gut. If you love it, it will shine! That’s how you keep Living Life Styled your way! Until next time, be safe out there!



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