About Me


Welcome, my name is Rieka, I am constantly inspired by the beautiful world around me. Whether it be fashion, interior design, architecture, flowers, or amazing food styling, loving these things can all get expensive, and let me tell you, I like to stay on a pretty strict budget. I live in Central California at the beach, just “over the hill” from the booming Silicon Valley, so almost needless to say, it’s expensive to live here. Over the years, I have grown to love antiquing, thrift store shopping, bargain hunting and creating things myself. Let’s just say that my life in general is a “Splurge vs. Steal” scenario. I have very expensive taste like many of us, so I love trying to recreate beautiful looks on a budget.

I have become a hands-on person (you know, a DIY-er), so I love doing home and craft projects. I can sew, spray paint, glue things with my handy dandy glue gun, and use power tools (my mom and dad taught me well)! Among my other interests, I enjoy improving my photography, graphic design, and styling skills. I have more projects going at once than I can count and before I can get even one done, I am practically planning the next one.

I live in a modest home and it’s not remodeled by any means, but I have done my best to make the most of it and create a stylish and comfortable home. I want all of you to know that you don’t have to have a freshly remodeled home, kitchen, and bathroom to live stylishly. As I finish many of my projects, I hope to share them with you. Along the way, I will share with you what inspires me and keeps my creative juices flowing.

I really do my best to bring beauty and style to everyday things, because who doesn’t want to Live Life Styled?