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Friday Flair: Black Watch Tartan


Tartan plaids are about as classic as they come and this time of year is definitely when we start to re-embrace them. As much as I love the classic red patterns, my favorite has to be the Black Watch Tartan with it’s Black, Hunter Green, and Navy combination.

For apparel, I think this combo is the easiest to integrate into our wardrobes from top to bottom since it has so many neutral qualities. Whether you pair it with denim for a casual look or with black or navy for a work look you will always look stylish and original.

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I Spy: Elements of Style

I Spy: Elements of Style

Erin Gate’s of Elements of Style Blog has welcomed us into her beautiful, exciting, and somewhat hectic and crazy life with her humor, humility, heartfelt honesty, and insane talent! I honestly wish she was my personal friend, I think we could talk for hours upon hours about everything (I’m not a stalker, just a big fan)! I look forward to reading her new posts while I eat my lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Continue reading “I Spy: Elements of Style”

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Capes & Ponchos Oh My!

Capes & Ponchos Oh My!

Let’s just start by saying I love a cape and a poncho! Anybody who knows me well, knows I love a cape, but let’s face it, everyday life doesn’t allow you go around wearing one unless you are a rock star or live a fab Gothic lifestyle. It’s definitely one of the reasons I love Halloween so much, I can wear a cape! If you weren’t lucky enough to dress up as a super hero or magical medieval princess this Halloween, opt for an everyday, not so ordinary, cape or poncho to express your secret super powers. Continue reading “Capes & Ponchos Oh My!”

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Still Blushing


It’s been over a year since rose quartz or blush pink was named color of the year (and hit the ground running), and I still can’t get enough of it! I am so obsessed with Blush that it has carried over into all things Fall and I think it will carry over into the Winter as well. It’s a great neutral and pairs wonderfully with grey, black, brown, and even plum or burgundy. Frankly I think it’s here to stay!

I’m still Blushing for…

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