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Pantone 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery

I was going to share a different post with you, but I had to stop the presses due to the announcement of Pantone’s 2017 color of the year…GREENERY! I had this marked on my calendar, but somehow forgot with my busy regular schedule. So let’s just say that I am a green gal! I love green and all shades of it! I will say though, that this year’s selection is a little challenging to use indoors unless you primarily add hints of it in actual Greenery (plants, of course). To me the shade speaks to outdoor furniture and I have indeed used this color on one of my patio sets. I even have a partial roll of some Sunbrella fabric that matches this color perfectly!

Let’s bring this back inside though. I think this color selection goes great with two of my favorite fun design styles…Chinoiserie and Palm Beach Chic! Now I am getting excited because I am slowly working on transforming my den into a colorful creative haven of these two styles and this shade of green always sneaks in somewhere.

Pantone Greenery:        Lee_Eisemann Pantone Color of the Year 2017 GREENERY:

Source: Pantone

Here are some fun ways to use this color in your home decor: Continue reading “Pantone 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery”

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Room Tour: Black, White, and Gold Christmas


Welcome to my Living Room Christmas Tour! Today I will highlight my tree and my mantel. This year I decided to go with a Black, White, and Gold theme. I’ve done varieties of this in years past, but I decided to go a little old school and channel my love for Ballard Designs back in the day. They do say, what’s old is new again, so that’s what I am going with. I have added boxwood for greenery, some neoclassical accents, and plenty of gold. Continue reading “Room Tour: Black, White, and Gold Christmas”

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Friday Flair: Cookie Art


I am a baker, I make cookies every year, but I am not good at decorating them and I am most certainly not a cookie artist! I have visions of perfectly flooded royal icing in seasonal colors on wonderfully shaped cookies with scrolling details and shimmering glitter accents, but you see, that is all in my head. I decided many years ago to stop trying to decorate cookies and just make really good non-cookie cutter cookies! But, that does not mean I can’t look. Continue reading “Friday Flair: Cookie Art”

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A Snowy Christmas

Photo: CarolinaBlues

I’ve been to the snow one real time, cross country skied once, and hardly have any clothes warm enough for real cold weather, but I have the usual case of you want what you can’t have. As much as I love living in California with the mild weather, sometimes I think it would be so nice to have a classic Christmas in the snow with all the traditional fixings (Vermont perhaps?). Hot chocolate, sleigh rides, bundling in blankets by the fire, singing carols, you know, all the stuff Hallmark movies are made of. Continue reading “A Snowy Christmas”

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Advent Calenders


I think most of us who celebrate Christmas, grew up with an advent calendar of some kind. The most popular have always been the ones you can pick up a the grocery store that have a piece of milk chocolate for each day leading up to Christmas Day. I had these later on as a young girl, but I also had one that was a little wooden dowel tree that had little presents that I got to open each day (Scandinavian in style as that is how my mom has decorated over the years).

This Thursday is December 1st, so it will be time to put up your advent calendar no matter if you buy a store bought one, or create one yourself. I’ve selected a few adorable advent calendars that you can create yourself if you are in a crafty mood! Continue reading “Advent Calenders”

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Friday Flair: Gilded Gifts


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I hope not too many of you are out fighting the crowd’s on this Black Friday. I will be out shopping, but my mom and I are going to a mall that definitely doesn’t get crazy, we are visiting Stanford Shopping Center in the Palo Alto area to window shop and “ooh and awe” over all of the high end goodies out there.

Since the holiday shopping season has officially begun, I wanted to share some gift ideas that I thought were really fun. I am still mad about gold, so I have focused on lovely gilded items. A lot of these items are quite reasonably priced, many items are also from Esty because I really like to patronize artisans and small businesses. Others are from major retailers we all love. I hope you find something for that special friend or family member in your life. Continue reading “Friday Flair: Gilded Gifts”